UAAP Season 86 | Most Valuable Player&1st Best Outside Hitter

UAAP Season86 Bella Belen awarded as Most Valuable Player & 1st Best Outside Hitter


The recently concluded UAAP Season 86 Women’s Volleyball tournament witnessed exceptional performances from standout players, none more impressive than Bella Belen of the Ateneo Lady Eagles. Belen’s remarkable skills and contributions on the court earned her prestigious titles, including the Most Valuable Player (MVP) and 1st Best Outside Hitter awards.

Key Takeaways

Bella Belen’s impact on the court was undeniable throughout the season. Her consistent and outstanding performances propelled the Ateneo Lady Eagles to success, showcasing her versatility and leadership.

Winning the MVP title is a testament to Bella Belen’s exceptional skills and overall contribution to her team’s performance. She stood out among her peers with her exceptional playmaking abilities and strategic gameplay.

Bella Belen’s prowess as the 1st Best Outside Hitter highlights her offensive capabilities and defensive reliability. Her ability to score crucial points and provide solid defense made her a force to be reckoned with.

Belen’s individual achievements were instrumental in Ateneo’s success as a team. Her leadership on and off the court inspired her teammates and contributed significantly to their victories throughout the season.

With Bella Belen’s outstanding performance in UAAP Season 86, her future in volleyball looks promising. She has set a high standard for herself and her team, paving the way for continued success in her volleyball career.


Manila: National College’s Bella Belen is the UAAP Period 86 females’s volleyball Many Prized Possession Gamer (MVP).

The Lady Bulldogs celebrity, who averaged 14.64 points per video game during the elimination round, garnered 296 statistical factors (SPs), besting College of Santo Tomas’ Angge Poyos, teammate Vangge Alinsug, and College of the East’s Casey Dongallo.

En route to winning her 2nd league MVP, Belen put 7th in racking up (205 points), sixth in increasing (36.53% performance, 179 attacks), 8th in offering (0.22 aces per set, 11 aces), sixth in digging (3.20 digs per set, 160 excellent digs), and second in obtaining (48.30% effectiveness 131 excellent functions).

This is Belen’s 2nd MVP award, gaining the leading individual honor as a rookie in Period 84.

Yet she minimized the most up-to-date achievements in her profession of decorating beach balls.

“The majority of stunning? Charot! Yung honors po kasi, talagang before pa lang, sinasabi namin na benefit yun sa pag-tatrabaho ng isang player,” stated the third-year player.

“Kapag nag-trabaho ka, yung awards, susunod na lang. I’m very happy, and hindi ko siya magagawa kung wala naman yung colleagues ko. It’s a teamwork talaga, kung sa champion guy or sa specific awards,” she added.

At the same time, Poyos was hailed as the Season 86 women’s volleyball Rookie of the Year.

Poyos, who positioned second in racking up (290 pts 20.71 ppg), third in spiking (40.79% effectiveness, 249 attacks), and 1st in serving (0.41 aces per set 23 aces), won the honor over Dongallo after gaining 294 SPS, and this permitted her to come to be the 6th Golden Tigress to earn the organization’s leading rookie honors.

Belen and Poyos are the Season 86 First and Second Best Outside Hitters.

On the other hand, UST stars Cassie Carballo and Detdet Pepito were also hailed for their efficiencies this year.

Carballo was named the best Setter after she balanced 4.55 per set, while Pepito was the best Libero after she normed 4.2 digs per set and 55.5% efficiency in receiving.

Another Girl Bulldog was honored for her play, and Alyssa Solomon was awarded the best Reverse Hitter. Solomon, who bested De La Salle College’s Shevana Laput and UST’s Reg Jurado, led the league in spiking (41.61% efficiency) and was sixth in racking up (207 factors).

Lastly, La Salle’s Thea Gagate and the College of the Philippines’ Nina Ytang were explicitly called the First and Second Middle Blockers.

Gagate balanced 0.77 blocks per established throughout the elimination round, while Ytang followed her with 0.67 per set.

NU’s Unleashed the opponent teams

Bella Belen

Dominant Offensive Arsenal

Bella Belen’s exceptional skills as an outside hitter posed a formidable challenge for opponent teams. Her powerful spikes and precise attacks consistently broke through defensive lines, putting pressure on the opposition and scoring crucial points for Ateneo.

Leadership and Composure

As the Most Valuable Player, Bella Belen showcased exceptional leadership qualities on the court. Her composure under pressure and ability to rally her teammates during critical moments instilled confidence and unity within the Ateneo Lady Eagles, elevating their performance against tough opponents.

Consistency in Performance

One of Belen’s standout attributes was her consistency throughout UAAP Season 86. Match after match, she delivered stellar performances, demonstrating unwavering determination and skill. Her ability to maintain a high level of play inspired her teammates and demoralized opposing teams.

Impact on Team Dynamics

Bella Belen’s individual accolades directly impacted the dynamics of the Ateneo Lady Eagles. Her presence as a key player elevated the team’s overall performance and cohesion. Belen’s contributions extended beyond statistics, fostering a winning mentality and team spirit among her peers.

Future Prospects and Legacy

With her exceptional performance in UAAP Season 86, Bella Belen has undoubtedly left a lasting impact on women’s volleyball. As she continues to hone her skills and evolve as a player, her legacy as an MVP and top outside hitter will inspire future generations of athletes within and outside the UAAP.

Opensive and Defensive Strategies: Insights from UAAP Season86

In UAAP Season86, the National University (NU) women’s volleyball team demonstrated a combination of dynamic opensive and disciplined defensive strategies that contributed to their success on the court. Let’s delve into the key strategies employed by NU’s players throughout the season.

Opensive Strategy:

NU’s opensive strategy was characterized by aggressive attacking plays and strategic variations in offense. The team’s ability to capitalize on scoring opportunities and maintain a high tempo was instrumental in securing victories.

Opensive Strategy ComponentsDescription
Primary Attacker (e.g., Bella Belen)Led the team’s offensive charge with powerful spikes and well-placed shots.
Setter’s RoleOrchestrated the offense by making quick decisions to exploit defensive gaps.
Attacking VersatilityDisplayed a range of attacking options, including power hits and finesse shots.
Team CoordinationExecuted coordinated plays to keep opponents guessing and under pressure.

Defensive Strategy:

NU’s defensive strategy revolved around solid blocking and efficient backcourt coverage, ensuring opponents had difficulty scoring points.

Defensive Strategy ComponentsDescription
Blocking at the NetFormed a strong defensive wall to block opponents’ attacks effectively.
Backcourt CoveragePlayers positioned well to retrieve difficult balls and initiate counter-attacks.
Communication and AnticipationMaintained effective communication to anticipate opponents’ plays.
Transition DefenseQuickly transitioned from defense to offense to capitalize on defensive stops.

Bella Belen’s Impact:

Bella Belen’s exceptional performance as the Most Valuable Player and 1st Best Outside Hitter epitomized NU’s strategic approach and individual contributions. Her versatility and leadership on the court were key factors in NU’s success.

Definition and Significance of the MVP Award

The Most Valuable Player (MVP) award in the UAAP (University Athletic Association of the Philippines) recognizes the player who has made the most significant impact on their team’s success throughout the season. The MVP is not only a standout performer in terms of individual statistics but also demonstrates exceptional leadership, sportsmanship, and influence on the team’s overall performance.

Criteria for Selecting the MVP

The criteria for selecting the MVP typically include:

  • Performance consistency: Demonstrating outstanding skills and contributions in multiple matches.
  • Statistical excellence: Leading in key statistical categories such as points scored, attacks, blocks, and digs.
  • Leadership qualities: Exhibiting leadership on and off the court, motivating teammates, and making crucial plays in pressure situations.
  • Team impact: Contributing significantly to the team’s wins and overall performance.

Announcement of the UAAP Season 86 MVP

In UAAP Season 86, Bella Belen of the National University (NU) women’s volleyball team was announced as the Most Valuable Player. The announcement was made during the season’s culminating event, recognizing Belen’s exceptional performance and influence on NU’s success.

Notable Achievements and Contributions of the MVP

Bella Belen’s MVP award was a result of her remarkable achievements and contributions throughout the season:

  • Leading scorer: Belen consistently topped the scoring charts with powerful spikes and strategic shots as NU’s primary outside hitter.
  • Defensive prowess: Belen’s defensive skills, including blocks and digs, contributed significantly to NU’s ability to control matches.
  • Leadership: Belen’s leadership on the court inspired her teammates and helped NU maintain a competitive edge in crucial moments.

Impact on the Team’s Performance and Standings:

Bella Belen’s MVP award had a profound impact on NU’s overall performance and standings in UAAP Season 86. Her stellar play boosted team morale and confidence, leading to important victories and securing a prominent position in the league standings. Belen’s influence extended beyond statistics, as she served as a role model for her teammates and represented the epitome of excellence in collegiate volleyball.

Role and Importance of the Best Outside Hitter in Volleyball

The Best Outside Hitter plays a pivotal role in volleyball, particularly in offense and defense. Positioned on the left side of the court, the outside hitter is responsible for attacking, blocking, and defending against the opponent’s hits. They often receive sets from the setter and are key players in scoring points and maintaining a balanced offensive strategy.

Criteria for Selecting the Best Outside Hitter:

The criteria for selecting the Best Outside Hitter typically include:

  • Offensive performance: Demonstrating consistent and effective attacking skills, including powerful spikes, smart shots, and scoring ability.
  • Defensive capabilities: Contributing to the team’s defense through blocking at the net and digging to retrieve opponents’ hits.
  • Versatility: Displaying adaptability in different game situations, such as transitioning from offense to defense and vice versa.
  • Impact on team success: Influencing the team’s performance positively and contributing significantly to victories.

Recognition of the UAAP Season 86 1st Best Outside Hitter:

Bella Belen’s recognition as the 1st Best Outside Hitter in UAAP Season 86 was a testament to her exceptional skills and contributions to the National University (NU) women’s volleyball team. The award acknowledged her standout performance in the outside hitter position, highlighting her impact on NU’s success throughout the season.

Skills and Qualities That Earned the Award:

UAAP Season 86 Bella Belen’s award as the 1st Best Outside Hitter was a result of her outstanding skills and qualities:

  • Powerful attacking: Belen’s ability to deliver strong and accurate spikes consistently made her a formidable offensive threat.
  • Defensive prowess: Belen’s skills in blocking and digging played a crucial role in NU’s defensive strategies, contributing to crucial stops.
  • Versatility: Belen’s versatility as an outside hitter allowed her to adapt to various game situations and contribute effectively both in offense and defense.
  • Leadership: Belen’s leadership on the court inspired her teammates and elevated the overall performance of the team.

Player Profiles: Bella Belen and Her Stellar Season in UAAP Season 86

Bella Belen NU

Background Information

Bella Belen emerged as a standout volleyball player in UAAP Season 86, representing the National University (NU) women’s volleyball team. Hailing from a volleyball-rich background, Belen honed her skills and passion for the sport from a young age, eventually earning a spot on NU’s roster UAAP Season 86.

Key Statistics and Performance Highlights

Throughout UAAP Season 86, Bella Belen showcased exceptional performance statistics:

  • Total points scored: Leading scorer for NU with an impressive tally of points from powerful spikes and strategic shots.
  • Attack efficiency: Demonstrated high attack percentages, consistently finding ways to penetrate opponents’ defenses.
  • Defensive contributions: Not only an offensive threat, but Belen also played a crucial role in NU’s defensive strategies, contributing blocks and digs.

Notable Skills and Playing Style

Bella Belen’s UAAP Season 86 skills and playing style as the 1st Best Outside Hitter included:

  • Powerful attacking: Known for her ability to deliver thunderous spikes and well-placed shots, putting pressure on opposing defenses.
  • Defensive capabilities: Adept at blocking at the net and making crucial digs to disrupt opponents’ offensive plays.
  • Versatility: Belen’s versatility allowed her to adapt to different game situations, contributing to both offensive and defensive strategies.

Contributions to Team Success and Strategy

Bella Belen’s contributions as the 1st Best Outside Hitter were integral to NU’s success UAAP Season 86:

  • Offensive firepower: Belen’s scoring prowess provided NU with a consistent offensive threat, helping secure crucial points in matches.
  • Defensive anchor: Belen’s defensive contributions added stability to NU’s overall defensive strategy, contributing to the team’s ability to control games.
  • Strategic impact: Belen’s presence influenced NU’s overall game plan, shaping the team’s strategy and approach to matches.

Team Achievements and Future Prospects

Summary of the Team’s Performance in UAAP Season 86:

The National University (NU) women’s volleyball team delivered an impressive performance throughout UAAP Season 86, showcasing determination, skill, and teamwork on the court. Under the leadership of standout players like Bella Belen, NU demonstrated consistency and resilience in challenging matchups.

Key highlights of NU’s performance in Season 86 include:

  • Securing important victories against strong opponents.
  • Maintaining a competitive position in the league standings.
  • Displaying strategic gameplay and adaptability in various situations.

The collective effort of NU’s players, coupled with effective coaching and team coordination, contributed to the team’s success in the season.

Impact of MVP and Best Outside Hitter on Team’s Success:

Bella Belen’s recognition as the Most Valuable Player (MVP) and 1st Best Outside Hitter significantly impacted NU’s success in UAAP Season 86. Belen’s exceptional skills, leadership qualities, and consistent performance elevated the team’s overall performance and morale.

The MVP title acknowledged Belen’s pivotal role in NU’s victories, both offensively and defensively. As the 1st Best Outside Hitter, Belen’s scoring ability and defensive contributions were instrumental in shaping NU’s gameplay and strategy.

Future Prospects and Expectations for the Players and Team:

Looking ahead, the future prospects for Bella Belen and the NU women’s volleyball team are promising:

  • Continued growth and development: Belen’s leadership will continue to inspire growth among teammates, fostering a culture of excellence and improvement.
  • Competitive edge: NU aims to build on the momentum of Season 86, refining strategies and strengthening team dynamics for future competitions.
  • Individual achievements: Belen and her teammates have the potential to achieve further accolades and recognition, representing NU at the highest levels of collegiate volleyball.

As the team continues to evolve and refine their skills, NU remains a formidable contender in the UAAP volleyball landscape, with aspirations for continued success in upcoming seasons.

Conclusion: Reflecting on Bella Belen’s Achievements and UAAP Season 86

As UAAP Season 86 concludes, the recognition of Bella Belen as the Most Valuable Player (MVP) and 1st Best Outside Hitter underscores the significance of individual excellence and team success in collegiate volleyball. Let’s recap the importance of these awards and reflect on the impact of UAAP Season 86 on volleyball in the region.

Significance of MVP and Best Outside Hitter Awards

The MVP and Best Outside Hitter awards hold special significance in volleyball:

  • Most Valuable Player (MVP): This award recognizes the player who has made the most significant impact on their team’s success. Bella Belen’s MVP title highlights her exceptional skills, leadership, and contributions to the National University (NU) women’s volleyball team.
  • 1st Best Outside Hitter: As the 1st Best Outside Hitter, Bella Belen showcased versatility, offensive prowess, and defensive capabilities that elevated NU’s performance. This award acknowledges her role as a key player in the team’s success.

Both awards celebrate excellence and serve as inspiration for aspiring volleyball players, emphasizing the importance of skill, dedication, and leadership on the court.

Impact of UAAP Season 86 on Volleyball in the Region

UAAP Season 86 had a profound impact on volleyball in the region:

  • Elevating the sport: The competitive matches and standout performances in Season 86 raised the profile of collegiate volleyball, attracting more attention and interest from fans and enthusiasts.
  • Inspiring the next generation: Bella Belen’s achievements, along with those of other standout players and teams in the league, inspire young athletes to pursue volleyball and strive for excellence in the sport.
  • Fostering sportsmanship: UAAP Season 86 exemplified sportsmanship and camaraderie among teams, showcasing the values of teamwork, discipline, and respect inherent in volleyball.

Overall, UAAP Season 86 served as a platform to celebrate talent, showcase skill, and promote the spirit of competition in volleyball. The achievements of players like Bella Belen contribute to the growth and development of the sport in the region, setting a benchmark for future seasons and inspiring a new generation of volleyball enthusiasts.

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