Author name: Nel Wiesenberg

Nel Wiesenberg is a multifaceted individual known for his diverse career as a technical writer, author, and former professional poker player. His journey in the world of gambling began with a decade-long stint as a professional poker player before transitioning into technical writing. Wiesenberg's contributions to the gambling community are extensive, having written for various publications over the years. During his tenure as a professional poker player, Wiesenberg made a significant impact on the industry. He wrote for the original Gambling Times magazine, focusing on keno and poker, showcasing his expertise in these games. Additionally, he had regular columns in publications such as Poker Player and Pan Player +, a magazine catering to Panguingue players. Wiesenberg's writing extended beyond gambling, with contributions to Dr. Dobb's Journal, a computer magazine, and A+, a magazine for Apple computer users. His articles also appeared in publications like PC Publishing, Micro Times, Infoworld, and more.

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