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PMA Class of 2024—a class that’s rewriting history with every stride and proving that greatness knows no bounds.

The Rise of Excellence: PMA Class of 2024


In the realm of military academies, where discipline meets excellence, the Philippine Military Academy PMA stands as a beacon of rigorous training and outstanding leadership. Each year, this institution sees a new class of cadets, but the Class of 2024 has made a remarkable impression. Among them, one cadet in particular has shone brightly, embodying the values and skills instilled by the academy. Let’s delve into the journey of the PMA Class of 2024 and explore the accomplishments that have marked this cohort as exceptional.

Overview of the Philippine Military Academy

The Philippine Military Academy, commonly known as PMA, was established on December 21, 1936, under the auspices of Commonwealth Act No. 1. This premier military academy of the Philippines is situated in Baguio City, Benguet. It was founded with the purpose of training future leaders of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) through a comprehensive program that emphasizes academics, military tactics, physical fitness, and character development.

Purpose of the Review

This article aims to provide an in-depth review of the PMA Class of 2024, focusing on their achievements, notable events, and the exceptional performance of a female cadet who topped the graduation rights. Readers can expect to gain insights into the rigorous training at PMA, the significance of this class, and the impact of its members on the future of the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

Training and Development at PMA

The cadets of PMA undergo an intense and holistic training program that molds them into well-rounded military officers. This training encompasses academic studies, physical conditioning, leadership development, and character building.

Academically, cadets engage in a rigorous curriculum covering military science, engineering, humanities, and physical sciences. The academic standards are high, reflecting the academy’s commitment to producing officers capable of handling complex challenges in various operational environments.

Physical fitness is a cornerstone of PMA training. Cadets participate in demanding physical activities including obstacle courses, endurance runs, and combat drills to enhance their strength, stamina, and resilience.

Leadership development is another critical aspect of PMA training. Cadets are taught principles of command, decision-making, and teamwork through practical exercises and simulated scenarios. These experiences prepare them to lead effectively in high-pressure situations.

Character development is instilled through the academy’s Honor Code, emphasizing integrity, honesty, and professionalism. Cadets are expected to uphold these values both within the academy and throughout their military careers.

Notable Achievements of PMA Class of 2024

The Class of 2024 has distinguished itself through various achievements and milestones. Among these accomplishments, one standout cadet has made history by topping the graduation rights, showcasing exceptional leadership, dedication, and academic prowess.

Cadet Elumba, who will become second lieutenant after next weekend’s graduation rites presided by President Marcos, will receive the Presidential Saber. Graduating magna cum laude, she also gets the Philippine Army Saber, JUSMAG Saber, Australian Defense Best Overall Performance Award (for Army), Tactics Group Award and Army Professional Plaque Award.

Elumba is the seventh female cadet to top the graduating class at the PMA.

Mark Armuel Boiles, is class salutatorian and will go to the Philippine Air Force. He will receive the Vice Presidential Saber from Vice President Sara Duterte, Philippine Air Force Saber, Academic Group Award, Management Plaque, Air Force Professional Course Plaque, General Antonio Luna Award, Australian Defense Best Overall Performance Award (for Air Force).

Third is Kim Harold Gilo. Set for the Philippine Navy, he graduates magna cum laude and is receiving the Secretary of National Defense Saber, Philippine Navy Saber, Australian Defense Best Overall Performance Award (for Navy) and Natural Sciences Plaque.

Fourth is Bicolana Cyril Joy J. Masculino, also magna cum laude, from Nabua, Camarines Sur. She goes to the Philippine Army.

Fifth is Hiligaynon Rosemel Dogello, graduating cum laude, from Jamindan, Capiz.

Another female, Alexa Mye Valen, lands sixth in the graduating class. She is also going to the Philippine Army.

Landing seventh is Floyd Niño Arthur Roxas, who will receive the Information Technology Plaque, Department of Leadership Plaque and AGFO Incorporation Award. He is going to the Philippine Navy.

Eighth is Giselle Tong. She is getting the Mathematics Plaque and heads for the Philippine Navy.

Ninth is Danica Marie Viray, who has already graduated with high honors from the Asia Pacific College. She is graduating cum laude and will join the Philippine Army.

Tenth is Ybanag Neriva Binag from Cabagan, Isabela who is going to the Philippine Army.

This achievement not only reflects the individual’s capabilities but also underscores the collective excellence of the entire class. The cadets of 2024 have excelled in academic studies, military training, and leadership roles, demonstrating their preparedness to serve as future leaders in the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

Female Cadet’s Triumph

A particularly noteworthy highlight of the PMA Class of 2024 is the outstanding performance of a female cadet who emerged as the top graduate during the graduation rights. This achievement marks a significant milestone in the history of PMA, highlighting the increasing role of women in the military and their capacity to excel in demanding roles traditionally dominated by men.

The female cadet’s success not only underscores her individual talent and determination but also represents a step forward in promoting gender equality and diversity within the Philippine Armed Forces. Her achievement serves as an inspiration to future generations of female cadets and reinforces the academy’s commitment to meritocracy and equal opportunity.

Impact on the Armed Forces of the Philippines

The achievements of the PMA Class of 2024 have far-reaching implications for the future of the Armed Forces of the Philippines. These newly commissioned officers bring with them a blend of skills, knowledge, and values that are essential for modern military leadership.

Their exemplary performance raises the bar for excellence within the Armed Forces and sets a precedent for future generations of cadets. The Class of 2024 exemplifies the academy’s mission to produce competent, ethical, and resilient leaders capable of addressing the complex challenges facing the Philippines and the wider region.


The information presented in this article about the Philippine Military Academy (PMA) and its Class of 2024 is based on publicly available sources and general knowledge. While efforts have been made to provide accurate and up-to-date information, readers should note the following:

Source Reliability: The details regarding the PMA, its training programs, and the achievements of the Class of 2024 are derived from reputable sources such as official PMA announcements, news articles, and publicly available reports.

Individual Perspectives: The views and opinions expressed in this article reflect the author’s interpretation of the events and achievements associated with the PMA Class of 2024. Different individuals may have varying perspectives on the significance and impact of these developments.

Accuracy of Information: While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information presented, details such as specific achievements and notable events may be subject to interpretation or updates from official sources.

Purpose of the Review: This article aims to provide an overview and review of the PMA Class of 2024 based on available information. It is intended for informational purposes only and should not be construed as an official statement from the Philippine Military Academy or the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

Readers are encouraged to verify the information presented here by consulting official sources or conducting further research. Any inquiries or corrections regarding the content can be directed to the author for clarification.

Including a disclaimer ensures transparency and encourages readers to critically evaluate the information presented. This disclaimer should be placed at the beginning or end of the article to provide context and set expectations for readers.


In conclusion, the PMA Class of 2024 has left an indelible mark on the annals of the Philippine Military Academy’s storied history. Through their dedication, perseverance, and exceptional achievements, these cadets have upheld the highest standards of military training and leadership. The remarkable success of a female cadet topping the graduation rights symbolizes not only individual excellence but also the academy’s commitment to fostering diversity and inclusivity within the Armed Forces.

As we celebrate the accomplishments of the PMA Class of 2024, we are reminded of the critical role played by military academies in shaping the future of national defense. The cadets of this class embody the values of service, honor, and sacrifice, setting an inspiring example for future generations of military leaders in the Philippines.

Explore the unique world of the Philippine Military Academy and leaves readers curious to discover more about the Class of 2024 and their extraordinary achievements.

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