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Mothers Day | Celebrate Love With Mom On May 12

mothers day

Happy Mothers Day to the woman who taught me that patience is a virtue… especially when dealing with me! Thanks for not giving up on raising this handful. Love you, Mom!

Mother’s Day Celebration at Manila’s Best Spots

Looking to treat your mom this Mothers Day on May 12th? Here’s a roundup of some wonderful places in Manila to celebrate and make her day extra special.

1. Spiral at Sofitel Philippine Plaza

If your mom loves exquisite dining experiences, take her to Spiral at Sofitel. They offer an amazing Mother’s Day brunch buffet with a wide array of international dishes. The ambiance is classy yet cozy, perfect for a memorable family celebration.

2. Antonio’s Restaurant

For a more intimate setting, consider Antonio’s in Tagaytay. Though a bit of a drive from Manila, the journey is worth it. This restaurant offers a serene garden setting and serves delectable dishes made from fresh, locally-sourced ingredients. Mom will surely appreciate the beautiful surroundings and impeccable service.

3. Ayala Museum

If your mom is a culture enthusiast, a visit to the Ayala Museum could be a unique Mother’s Day treat. They often have special exhibits or workshops planned for the occasion. It’s a thoughtful way to spend quality time together while exploring art and history.

4. Intramuros

Take a leisurely stroll around Intramuros. You can visit historical sites like Fort Santiago or simply enjoy the picturesque cobblestone streets. Consider booking a calesa ride for a nostalgic experience that your mom will love.

Whichever option you choose, make sure to book in advance, as Mothers Day is a popular time for family outings. And most importantly, don’t forget to shower your mom with love and appreciation—it is mothers day, after all!

Other Things To Do On Mothers Day

More Ways to Celebrate Mothers Day in Manila

Looking for additional ways to celebrate Mothers Day in Manila? Here are some thoughtful activities and ideas that your mom will surely enjoy:

1. Spa Day

Treat your mom to a relaxing spa day at one of Manila’s top wellness centers. Places like The Spa or The Peninsula Spa offer luxurious treatments designed to pamper and rejuvenate.

2. Cooking Class

Sign up for a cooking class together! Several cooking schools in Manila offer special Mother’s Day classes where you can learn to prepare delicious dishes while bonding over the culinary experience.

3. Picnic at Rizal Park

Plan a lovely picnic at Rizal Park (Luneta) with homemade snacks and treats. Enjoy the green surroundings, rent a bike, or take a boat ride on the lagoon—it’s a wonderful spot for a relaxing day out.

4. Shopping Spree

Take your mom on a shopping spree at her favorite mall or boutique. Let her pick out something special while you enjoy quality time together browsing the shops.

5. Movie Marathon at Home

If your mom loves movies, plan a cozy movie marathon at home. Stock up on her favorite films, snacks, and comfy blankets for a laid-back day of entertainment.

6. Art Workshop

Sign up for an art workshop together at one of Manila’s creative studios. Painting, pottery, or crafting sessions can be a fun way to unleash your creativity and make lasting memories.

7. Gardening Day

If your mom enjoys gardening, spend the day together planting flowers or herbs in your backyard or balcony. It’s a therapeutic and meaningful activity that she’ll appreciate.

Remember, the best way to celebrate Mothers Day is by showing your love and appreciation for everything she does. Whether it’s a grand gesture or a simple heartfelt moment, cherish the time you spend together and make her day unforgettable!

What Is Mothers Day

Mothers Day is a special day dedicated to honoring and celebrating mothers and motherhood. It is typically observed on different dates around the world but commonly falls on the second Sunday of May in many countries, including the United States, Canada, Australia, and the Philippines.

On Mother’s Day, people show their appreciation and love for their mothers, grandmothers, and other maternal figures in their lives. It’s a time for children and families to express gratitude through gifts, heartfelt messages, acts of kindness, and spending quality time together. Many people also take this opportunity to reflect on the importance of mothers and the significant role they play in families and society.

Mother’s Day celebrations can vary widely, ranging from simple gestures like cards and flowers to elaborate meals or outings. The essence of Mother’s Day lies in acknowledging and celebrating the nurturing and unconditional love that mothers provide. It’s a beautiful occasion to honor the strong bonds between mothers and their children.


It’s important to note that while Mother’s Day is widely celebrated and holds significant cultural and emotional importance for many, it can also be a sensitive topic for individuals who have experienced loss, have complicated relationships with their mothers, or are facing challenges related to motherhood themselves.

For some, Mother’s Day may evoke feelings of grief, loneliness, or other emotional complexities. It’s essential to approach this topic with empathy and sensitivity, recognizing that not everyone may share in the same celebratory spirit due to personal circumstances.

As we honor mothers and maternal figures on this day, it’s also important to acknowledge and support those who may find this time difficult. Practicing inclusivity and compassion allows us to navigate conversations and celebrations around Mother’s Day thoughtfully and respectfully, ensuring that everyone feels seen and valued regardless of their individual experiences.


Mother’s Day is a cherished occasion that allows us to reflect on the profound impact mothers have on our lives. It goes beyond a mere date on the calendar; it’s a heartfelt acknowledgment of the selfless love, sacrifices, and guidance that mothers and maternal figures offer every day. This day provides an opportunity to express gratitude and appreciation for the nurturing presence that shapes our upbringing and influences our growth.

The celebration of Mother’s Day is a universal tradition that transcends cultures and borders, highlighting the importance of maternal figures in society. It serves as a poignant reminder to cherish the relationships we have with our mothers and to recognize their invaluable contributions to our well-being.

Whether it’s a grand gesture or a simple heartfelt acknowledgment, Mother’s Day is about honoring the essence of motherhood and expressing deep-seated sentiments. It encourages us to pause, reflect, and celebrate the unconditional love that forms the cornerstone of family dynamics.

Ultimately, Mother’s Day is not just about gifts or festivities; it’s about the profound emotional connection that binds children and mothers together. It’s a day to cherish, honor, and celebrate the incredible women who have shaped our lives with their unwavering love and strength.

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