Author name: Ciara Annie Duke

Ciara Annie Duke is an American former professional poker player and author in cognitive-behavioral decision science and decision education. She is not just a brilliant business consultant and book author, but also a professional poker player and teacher. Annie is an author, speaker, and consultant in the decision-making space. Annie loves to dive deep into decision making under uncertainty. Her latest obsession is on the topic of quitting. In particular, she is on a mission to rehabilitate the term and get people to be proud of walking away from things. Duke has created a true masterpiece that not only reveals the secrets of successful betting, but also teaches how to make decisions in the face of uncertainty. You’d be surprised, but it was she who led Ben Affleck to win a major tournament. Personal accomplishments include owning a WSOP bracelet and winning $4 million in prize money. This girl’s book is sure to change the way you think. In addition to her writing, she offers a holistic approach that should be viewed in the big picture rather than individual stories. The book is a tremendous success among users and receives the highest feedback. By the way, The New York Times described her book as an example of a modern investment scheme. The book does not focus on specific solutions to certain situations, but teaches how to find solutions and analyze possible outcomes.

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